Gauntlet IB

Gauntlet IB is a fully integrated investment banking firm that provides capital advisory services to commercial real estate investors throughout the United States and in select international markets.

Advisory Services:

Focusing on investment transactions with a minimum of $1 million, Gauntlet PI – Investment Banking arranges senior debt, mezzanine, note purchase, and equity financing. With an aggressive approach and substantial expertise in debt and private equity placement, the professional team at Gauntlet pledges their knowledge of real estate and capital markets to structure solutions specific to the acquisition. Like Pi, Gauntlet IB is the critical constant in any real estate equation bringing solutions for borrowers, lenders, and investors alike.

Off Market Asset Sales:

Gauntlet IB routinely receives proprietary access to assets and offers off market investment opportunity to a select group of investors. Gauntlet Pi advises active individual, middle market, and institutional clients on the acquisition of core and value-add commercial real estate properties throughout North America.

Troubled Asset Resolution:

Gauntlet Pi tailors to the current financial environment by delivering efficient and cost-effective asset management strategies. Gauntlet creates a customized approach for accessing private equity to restructure debt obligations, to minimize downside risk by seeking disposition avenues and providing other value-added services. Ask how we can use Life Settlement Polices or proof of funds provision to bridge a solution for your circumstances.

Life Settlement Policies:

Life settlement policies can be used as credit enhancements or additional collateral for your transactions. We and our partners are the innovators of combining life insurance policies and distressed real estate to create solutions that the industry has never seen before. If you are upside down in your property or trying to sell for a higher price than the market seems to be allowing call us and let us structure a solution that works for you. Life policies are 100% guaranteed payment and ours are backed by the largest insurance carriers in the country. We also buy and sell policies for the purpose of furthering the real estate endeavors of our clients.

EB-5 Consultation and Capital:

Gauntlet can help you raise capital in China for your EB-5 approved project. We are also capable of helping you navigate the EB-5 certification process and are happy to explore the options with you for this incredibly powerful federal program.

Gauntlet Entertainment I-Banking:

Gauntlet IB (Gauntlet Entertainment) can provide promotion and marketing for you events by a select a few celebrities, entertainers, and professional athletes. Appearances, performances, and branding efforts are provided by celebrities who have a trusted relationship with Gauntlet associates. A new entertainment focused division is coming soon.

Our Goal

Gauntlet IB is the catalyst to achieving your real estate goals as well the critical constant that business professionals rely on daily. We continue to meet capital challenges for our clients, daily.