The Future Will Be Bigger

The inevitability for the creation of a fund has never been so poignant as it is today. We believe the time is right now to capitalize on the demand for new and innovative structures that capitalize on the new age needs of borrowers and sponsors. After over a decade in business, GPI has established a track record and has successfully structured financing deals in excess of $750 million dollars, collectively. Our team has structured or partnered in well over a billion dollars in transactions, the firm has evolved to a place where an autonomous fund for execution on a variety of high yield opportunities makes sense.

We Have the Wisdom & Experience

Gauntlet was founded at the height of the recession, so we see the signs and we know what is possible when the credit markets tighten up.

Opportunity Abounds

Liquidity will allow us to cherry pick incredible opportunities with no more risk (often less), in most cases, than a traditional lender takes on.

Capital Challenges for borrowers/sellers = Higher Yield for Investors and Funds.

We see transactions from other lenders, brokers, direct borrowers, repeat borrowers, attorneys, escrow agents, and directly through the internet. 

The Problem

Traditional debt funds see the best Equity and Acquisition Opportunities but cannot take advantage of them due to restrictions with their PPM’s.

With the flexibility to operate in every piece of the capital stack, we will be maximally positioned to cherry pick and participate in the strongest transactions. Often times, there is one piece missing in order to get a transaction closed. We have arranged that piece 100x over, but our fund now allows us the ability to fill it and to profit from it creating yield for YOU, our investors.

Traditional Debt Funds pass on great opportunities for various reasons. The loan size is too small or the market is outside of their mandate.

We can solve for this by tapping into local expertise and sponsorship and remaining nimble in our ability to assess opportunities and execute quickly.